Personalized Counseling - Gaining a Healthier Perspective

Thoughts like "I'm no good", "why isn't life working like I want," "I can't do this anymore," or many others similar, going through your mind? I can help! This life is tough enough without us working against ourselves. I believe it takes great courage to seek counseling, and my goal is to meet each individual where you are, with compassion and understanding. Walking with you in your journey to self-discovery and healing is an honor, I hope to support you in not only self-discovery but in creating your best life for wholehearted living!!

Living wholeheartedly means knowing your value as a person, your hopes, dreams, and core values, while learning and using the skills to make this happen. Together we will find out who you are and what you desire for your best life. My job is to support you on this journey.

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You can learn more about Donna, her personal experience, and how that has shaped her as a counselor in this article published by Grand Traverse Woman, March/April Issue: Reclaiming Your Best Self After the Devastation of Divorce.



Depression. We may not realize we are depressed. Sometimes the symptoms are mild or look like something we don’t connect to depression. Feeling overly stressed? Short fuse over something that typically wouldn’t bother you? Restless?  No appetite or crazy cravings? Unusual physical symptoms that you can’t place a finger on what’s going on? These are all symptoms that result from depression.

Anxiety. We all have times in our life that create worry, fear and anxiety. Usually this is the result of situational circumstances that are alleviated over time. Sometimes, we can get “stuck” there, and occasionally the situation that initiates the anxiety is a chronic situation forcing the person to live in a place of continual “survival mode”. Whether you are stuck, in survival, or needing guidance as to how anxiety may be affecting you, together we can create a toolbox for you to use in your daily life to create the peace you desire within.

Co-Dependency. The precise definition of codependency varies based on the source but can be generally characterized as an unhealthy sense of responsibility. Responsibility, in balance, is the goal and the basis for healthy relationships. However, in co-dependency, there is usually one person who is overly responsible and one person, who is lacking responsibility in some area. Identifying this and recognizing what you personally have control over, will help you to design the life you desire.

Life Transitions. Change is the one constant in life. If unaware, we can be blind-sided at any turn. Even when we are aware we can still be blind-sided by the unexpected. When this happens, it is often helpful to have another person to help encourage, support, accept and walk along side as we determine those things that we can control, identify what we cannot control, and the strategy that will help us best live the life we desire within the “new normal.” Once we do that, the new normal can become beauty created from ashes.

Self Worth. We all have times in our lives where we question who we are, what is our purpose and what can we contribute to our world and those we love. This is when we can use the help of someone who can offer a different perspective to help discover our inner beauty that we have lost. My hope is that together we can work to connect you with your true self, allowing you to live a wholehearted life that brings you joy, peace and a sense of purpose.