What to Expect

Reaching out for help takes courage, I am honored to work with you as you grow into your best version of yourself. Our first session will be a “get to know you” session. During our conversation I will ask specific questions to help identify areas for growth as well as identify your strengths. This is also a time for you to get to know me to ensure that we are a good fit to work together to meet your goals as we identify them over the next few sessions. Therapy is work, but the rewards are so many!! There are times when you may feel worse before you feel better, but coming out the other side has benefits to many to list. This is a time to truly focus on you and what you desire out of your life, I am merely here to guide and support you on your journey, holding a safe place for you to learn, practice and grow.

What to Bring

It is helpful if you can printout and complete our office forms before your appointment.


Where to Go

13561 SW Bay Shore Dr, Suite 306

Traverse City, Michigan 49684