Develop a positive self image in Traverse City

Improving Your Own Self Worth


We all have times in our lives where we question who we are, what is our purpose and what can we contribute to our world and those we love. Sometimes, whether from childhood difficulties and wrong messages or from an experience in our past or current lives, we can get the sense that we are worthless, don’t deserve a life that brings peace, value or a sense of joy. This can become our chronic state of belief and it effects every area of life. This is when we can use support from someone who can bring a different perspective, help us to find our inner beauty that we lost touch with. My hope is that together we can work to connect you with your true self, allowing you to live a wholehearted life that brings you joy, peace and a sense of purpose. Self-Love is doing the work to connect to who we are, and accept ourselves good, bad, ugly and beautiful, it makes us who we are. Once we can accept all parts of who we are, we can begin to grow and change into the best version of ourselves.